Monday, March 28, 2011

Its Jewelry Time - Enough Already - Let's get back to work

Okay, so I've been diagnosed with a major illness and have another 5 months or so of treatment. Heard this tirade over and over again. At my last hospital visit, I decided it was time to get back to doing something artistic again. Painting in a hospital room is not such an easy feat. There is just too much to clean up after yourself. I decided to go back to my roots: jewelry making, beading, whatever you want to call it. Hubby Gary went to the studio and picked up beads, wire, tools, findings and I got to work. Boy, my hands were just itching to get busy again. The first day, I shooed the nurses and doctors out of my room as soon as possible so I could get back to work. All of them seemed surprised that I had something I could create while passing the time. My thought was you need to expand your circle of friends if you don't know anyone with artistic interests. My hospital room became a one room operation. I made earrings, rings and necklaces. With my new Canon camera (Christmas present from Gar) I photographed them. Using my lap top, I edited the photos. Finally, I posted them on Etsy and waited for sales. Believe it or not, the sales actually came. I even had my first sale from France just a few days ago. I guess my research in finding the right ingredients to put together my jewelry has paid off. One thing you have a lot of time for while in the hospital, is doing research.

Honestly, I hate all this time I'm having to spend in and out of the hospital. Beyond that, I'm enjoying using the time to research and create. Life is hard but sometimes you figure out how to make it better. I'm trying to stay creative in all walks of life.

Today is the beginning of my first week at home. I'll be home for two weeks. The sun is finally shining again. The orange walls of my house are shining bright. The sky is a beautiful hue of blue. There are some white puffy clouds hanging over the hills and bay. Its beautiful out there. Life isn't perfect but it could be way worse. I'm hanging on and hoping to make things better.

~ Martha
p.s. photo above is pic I took about a month ago while visiting Fort Point under the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate bridge - what can I say...I live in a beautiful town!