Sunday, December 29, 2013

Borderline Vieja-hood. A manifesto for those on the borderline of Vieja-ism, senior-hood and beyond.

I have begun a new artistic venture along with continuing my artwork. I have decided to make attempts at writing my own form of poetry. What do I know about writing poetry? Absolutely nothing! Again, starting from nothing, I continue my journey of artistic ventures. Where there is little chance of wealth in these ventures, I can say there is overwhelming  personal wealth I have achieved in my artistic journey.
Here is one of my recent poems. It is called:

"Borderline Vieja-hood. A manifesto for those on the borderline of Vieja-ism."

I am a borderline Vieja / old lady.
Should fear rattle my bones
as cavernous lines mark my face
and body parts continue their rapid, punishing, descent?

In my youth these fears seemed real.
Now at the gateway to my sixth decade,  they are unfounded, unrealistic, untrue.

Yes, my age bracket continues to rise. The body parts continue to drop. Time has passed.   
I am not the “visual candy” I was in my youth.

Am I despondent, depressed?
Should I fade to the background with opinions no longer valid?
In truth, Vieja-hood is not a negative. It is life, a fascinating reality.
I am comfortable in my skin. I am vital, yes even attractive in a vieja sort of way.
There is no desire to relive my past, to become youthful again.
Clarity, at this stage of living, reigns.

Conversations keep me connected.
Stay curious, inquisitive.
There is a world of cultures, lifestyles to learn from and
not enough lifetime to absorb.

Being a borderline vieja has other perks.
I have experience in life, lived the good and bad, made mistakes and experienced comebacks.
I know about love and hate, happiness and deep, deep sadness.

While, I may not be as technically advanced as those who have lived less,
I do however know about feelings,interpreting behavior, language.
I can speak without a need to camouflage feelings with clever, ironic prose.
No need to hide while living in borderline viejahood!

Imagine that. Be myself. No shame. Less doubts, less insecurity.

The siren call of the viejas is near.
“Join us. There is nothing to fear.We are creating our destiny. We are united.”
Viejas united in our destiny. Living life, facing truths!

This is my vieja manifesto for now and the near future.

So that's it. There is supposed to be humor here and a way of looking at ageing as something to be talked about, laughed about and shared.

Would love to hear from you on this.

edited for the last time on 1/3/14 - I hope to submit this poem to Syracuse Women's Datebook for their 2015 edition. We shall see what happens.