Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Procession, Sugar Skull Decorating, Pop-up Tienda and Altar Building in San Francisco

Decorated Sugar Skulls, The Sugar Skull Gallery @ Studio 24 / Galeria de la Raza

The annual Dia de los Muertos procession through the streets of the Mission in San Francisco will take place on Wednesday November 2nd, starting at 7pm. Walkers in the procession will meet at the corner of 22nd and Bryant which is the starting point of the procession.If you'd like you can bring a photo of a loved one who has passed on and a candle to light to symbolize a lighting of their path while interacting with the living.

Wood calavera box by Estudio Martita - available at Studio 24
smiling calaca earrings with silver bow by Estudio Martita @ Studio 24 / Galeria de la Raza

For those of you that would like to stop by before the procession or take a break during, there will be sugar skull decorating, altar building (you can place your photo copy of loved ones here) and a Pop-up Tienda stocked with Dia de los Muertos gifts, at Studio 24 / Galeria de la Raza at 24th and Bryant from 5:00 on. Myself and Michele Simons will be hosting this event. Would love to see you there!

Sugar Skulls /  Pop-Up Tienda:  Studio 24 / Galeria de la Raza - 2857 24th St. @ Bryant -  from 5pm on...
Dia de los Muertos Procession: starts at 22nd & Bryant, 7pm

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Having a Dia de los Muertos event!!

Join Michele Simons and Martha Rodriguez (that's me) for sugar skull decorating* and cool Day of the Dead jewelry and gifts. In addition, we would love your help in building a community altar by adding your photo copies of familia, friends that have passed. There will also be free art supplies on hand to make custom frames, or nichos, and free supplies for making papel picado and crepe paper flowers to add on to the "bones" of a large altar we have created in Studio 24. Any photo copies 5x7 or smaller will be great and have the Little ones (that means of the child nature) bring photos of pets they would like to add to the altar if no family members or friends have passed on.

*$10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children

Sunday, October 23 · 11:00am - 5:00pm

Location Studio 24 /Galería De la Raza  2857 24th St. @ Bryant San Francisco,CA

Sunday Streets means that some streets in the Mission will be closed off to traffic. That means lots of bikers and walkers on the streets and lots of fun. Bryant Street will be open to traffic so if you're driving, park around Bryant and walk to the corner of  Bryant and 24th. We are on the South / West corner of 24th - just in case you know your directions!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Work on display at Studio 24, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco

along with Sugar Skull Factory workshops...
see details below...

 Martha Rodriguez
mixed media and urban folk artist, san francisco

Catrina and The Moon
   24 x 30
   Mixed media on canvas
Big Cabezas
    16 x 20
    Mixed media on canvas: image transfer from photo taken by M. Rodriguez at the
    Mission Cultural Ctr., Dia de los Muertos, 2009
Hip-sta Vera Series - woman
    18 x 24
   Acrylic on canvas – series based on HIPSTER style as seen in San Francisco’s
   Mission & reinterpreted as Dia de los Muertos Calaveras

Hip-sta Vera Series - cap
   18 x 24
   Acrylic on canvas – series based on HIPSTER style as seen in San Francisco’s
   Mission & reinterpreted as Dia de los Muertos Calaveras

Young Morrissey
   18 X 24
   Acrylic on canvas –
   The Independent has stated about Morrissey, "most pop stars have to be dead before  
   they reach the iconic status he has reached in his lifetime.” Here you see singer,  
   Morrissey, just so in his calavera persona.