Monday, September 2, 2013

Valley of the Heart by Luis Valdez and an update on artsy activities of Estudio Martita

Have been busy in my studio with creating new folk art for a store here in San Francisco called Luz de Luna .

I have also been working on a novio / groom shadow box commissioned by a friend. Here's a look:

August was my birthday month so I've also taken some time of to enjoy life and living. Went to San Juan Bautista and saw a new Luis Valdez play with hubby and here is the promo / mini review I wrote for it:

~ Valley of the Heart and San Juan Bautista - two experiences that should be on your to do list! 

Went to the opening of Luis Valdez' new play, Valley of the Heart. It is a look back at the unexpected fusion of two cultures: Mexican and Japanese. The time is the 1940's. The location is the agricultural oasis of San Jose. The story centers on the existence of Japanese owned family farms, with Mexican farmworkers who tilled the land and the interaction taking place between the two cultures. If you want to see a dramatic window into the experience of the Japanese American internment during World War II and the Mexican Americans who assisted them during their imprisonment, this is the play for you.

In addition, going to San Juan Bautista, a beautiful California Mission Town, south of Gilroy, is like stepping into the old west. The architecture plus the beauty of the Mission itself, is spellbinding. Viewing a bit of the California old west and the days of the Spanish Missions is not to be missed.

Valley of the Heart runs until September 22nd.


Fall is around the corner. Fall for me means Dia de los Muertos plus Open Studios then holiday art shows. WHEW!!! Its always a crazy / busy time but also very exciting. I'll be posting more often and updating on all my activities.

all the best,