Monday, August 30, 2010

Las Expresiones, Celebrating Latino Artists of the Bay Area

I'm one of the artists participating in this exhibit called: LAS EXPRESIONES - Celebrating Latino Artists of the Bay Area. The show runs until November 18th


There is an artist's reception scheduled for Thursday, September 9th, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. If you are in the area, would LOVE for you to stop by. Art, music and refreshments will be served!!

participating artists:

anna laura arredondo, daniel camacho, carlos cartagene, victor castillo, luz elena castro, pable castro jr., christina chanteloup, roxanne quezada chartouni, gina m. contreras, manuel a. cortez, jaime crespo, christine dargahi, raul del rio, amy diaz infant, juan r. fuentes, katia fuentes, alex garcia, mariana garibay r, enrique goldenberg, carlos herrera, german herrera, elva kogl, javier manrique, eustorgia navarette, ernesto olmos, christo oropeza, rachel-anne palacios, alejandra palos, peskador, luis pinedo, sylvia poloto, andrea rey, raquel baldocchi reyes, calizio robles, patricia m. rodriguez, martha rodriguez, maria sanchez, anna simpson, david manzanares tafolla, antonio tovar, rafael bensuaski vieira, martin zuniga

Please join us at the reception for the artists:
Thursday, September 9 from 4:30 to 7:30

Fabulous art, music and delicacies
RSVP to RSVP4@marincf.org
We hope that you can attend.

Directions to the Marin Community Foundation, 5 Hamilton Landing, Novato, CA: Hwy 101 to Hamilton Field exit. Follow Nave Dr. and turn onto Main Gate Rd. At fork in road bear right onto South Palm Dr. Turn right onto Hangar Ave. Take the first left into the parking lot. MCF is on the second floor of Hangar 5. For more information please call MCF at 415/464.2500.

Artwork - "Caminata Interior" by Antonio Tovar

(415) 464-2500

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hipsta-vera - new calavera series for Day of the Dead

Working on a new Dia de los Muertos series called HIPSTA-VERA. The title is a take on the name CALAVERA which are the colorful muertos skulls decorated during Dia de los Muertos. 

The series is based on the hipster style, culture seen in cities across the countries. The scarf, messenger bag, Van shoes, hoodies are all part of the look. Just starting the series with these two paintings and hoping to create enought for a nice sized series.

Can't wait to paint more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma's Chicken Mole

My Grandma, Maria Candelaria Esparza, (show above from a mixed media I did of her) was the best cook ever. When the family came over – there were 9 siblings plus their children (that’s me) – Grandma would be in the kitchen. She always made flour tortillas. She was an expert at rolling, stretching and throwing them down on the grill. Soft and so delicious, they melted in your mouth.
But it wasn’t just the tortillas. It was her Chcken Mole. My Grandma was born in Sonora in Northern Mexico. I suspect that her method of making Chicken Mole was regional because there was NEVER any chocolate in her sauce. Red mole, chile flavored was her way. I wish I knew the recipe. I don’t. I suspect though that after years of making red mole with real chiles, grinding them into a pulp, browning, etc, she got tired. I remember in her later years a lot of chile powder being used, flower and chicken stock. She browned the flour, added chicken stock, chile powder and other seasonings. She used a big pot. The mole cooked for a long time with the chicken simmering. The end result was amazing! The chcken was so tender it fell off the bones. Together with her flour tortillas, it was a meal made in heaven. Lots of finger licking, lots of tortillas used to gather up the last bits of mole sauce on your plate. Grandma Candelaria was a master at her chicken mole and flour tortillas. I don’t think I ever told her but I hope she can hear me now.
Thanks Grandma. Memories of your cooking and those times will always be close to my heart. Love you!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

NEW.....upcycled, renewed, redesigned, recrafted, reused, recreated......

Virgin of Guadalupe Nicho

Upcycled Loteria Tray

I love working with upcycled items. Part of the joy is in the FIND! WOW....what can I do with this? The next thrill is making the decision and then bringing it to life. Sanding, painting, adorning the piece and transforming it into a new object, form. I guess you could say I'm the MAKEOVER QUEEN of upcycled items. There is such joy and fulfillment I receive when I can view the finished project and say, "I made that. I transformed that." What can I say but the act of renewing makes me downright happy!

Here's the link to my etsy store so you can see more items!