Sunday, August 1, 2010

NEW.....upcycled, renewed, redesigned, recrafted, reused, recreated......

Virgin of Guadalupe Nicho

Upcycled Loteria Tray

I love working with upcycled items. Part of the joy is in the FIND! WOW....what can I do with this? The next thrill is making the decision and then bringing it to life. Sanding, painting, adorning the piece and transforming it into a new object, form. I guess you could say I'm the MAKEOVER QUEEN of upcycled items. There is such joy and fulfillment I receive when I can view the finished project and say, "I made that. I transformed that." What can I say but the act of renewing makes me downright happy!

Here's the link to my etsy store so you can see more items!

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