Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma's Chicken Mole

My Grandma, Maria Candelaria Esparza, (show above from a mixed media I did of her) was the best cook ever. When the family came over – there were 9 siblings plus their children (that’s me) – Grandma would be in the kitchen. She always made flour tortillas. She was an expert at rolling, stretching and throwing them down on the grill. Soft and so delicious, they melted in your mouth.
But it wasn’t just the tortillas. It was her Chcken Mole. My Grandma was born in Sonora in Northern Mexico. I suspect that her method of making Chicken Mole was regional because there was NEVER any chocolate in her sauce. Red mole, chile flavored was her way. I wish I knew the recipe. I don’t. I suspect though that after years of making red mole with real chiles, grinding them into a pulp, browning, etc, she got tired. I remember in her later years a lot of chile powder being used, flower and chicken stock. She browned the flour, added chicken stock, chile powder and other seasonings. She used a big pot. The mole cooked for a long time with the chicken simmering. The end result was amazing! The chcken was so tender it fell off the bones. Together with her flour tortillas, it was a meal made in heaven. Lots of finger licking, lots of tortillas used to gather up the last bits of mole sauce on your plate. Grandma Candelaria was a master at her chicken mole and flour tortillas. I don’t think I ever told her but I hope she can hear me now.
Thanks Grandma. Memories of your cooking and those times will always be close to my heart. Love you!


  1. beautiful memories Martha... I wonder if any of your tias learned the recipe from her?

  2. My Mom actually knows the recipe. Of course its never been written down. Its always by memory. I need to do that. I can see now that family history is more that just memories about histories. The history is also about food!