Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vending at Dia de los Muertos Opening Celebration @ SOMArts, San Francisco

I will be one of the vendors at the Dia de los Muertos opening celebration at SOMArts. The theme is "Illuminations."  It was chosen by curators René and Rio Yañez to symbolize a source of light for spiritual and intellectual reflection. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to community pillar and Mission District business owner Martha Sanchez and renowned artist Pablo Picasso.
The opening reception is on Friday, October 7th from 6PM to 9PM. Come enjoy the music, folk art, interactive performance and the unveiling of over 30 altars and installations.
Hope to see you there!


  1. sounds awesome! Wish I was in SF so i could stop by!

    Sending you +vending vibes from Chicago! :)

    Des, Mano y Metal.

  2. Wonderful...sounds like mucho fun!

  3. Thanks so much. Hey, if you were in San Francisco, I would love to meet! You could visit my studio and I could introduce you to my ar-teest friends. Maybe someday!
    Feeling those + vending vibes from Chicago! Thanks Des!
    Martha, Estudio Martita

  4. Thanks Georgina. I think it should be MUCHO fun!!