Sunday, December 27, 2009

get rid of 2009 & move on to 2010!

I'm so sorry its been so long since I posted anything. December has been such a whirlwind of activity. Six shows in three weeks was quite a burden / blessing to undertake. I guess it was a little of both. I was back and forth between my studio and events. The weekdays I would use to make any items I needed to fill in. I was also shipping out any online orders which I was really grateful for. My online sales weren't HUGE but I did manage to get some.

In the middle of my sales, my studio was broken into. My building has suddenly become a target for thieves. Someone used a crow bar to break into my studio. I had some items taken and my studio mate as well. What an experience. Loosing the items wasn't the worst of it. It was worse to feel that someone had been in my space. The feeling of violation rang strong. Myself and fellow artists in the building are putting some new security measures into place to prevent this from happening again. Such is life. You deal with it and then move on.

Despite all of that, I feel happy with the work I've done this year. More than anything, I feel like I worked hard at making a living as an artist in this really difficult economy. I've tried to be creative in what I offered and creative in the various prices I offered. I think hard economic times really encourage creativity. You constantly are at work both mentally and physically figuring out the best way to create and market your work so that it can appeal to a large enough cross section of people. WHEW....it's not just about making something pretty!

So to all of you artists, customer and readers....a big HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!! We made it through this year. If we made it through this tough year we can make it through the next. At some point, the economy will turn. People will be returning back to work. People will begin spending again - even cautiously is a good thing. Stay strong, stay motivated and work hard at whatever you do!



p.s. also, a girl's got to make a living...

Having a "Let's Get Rid of 2009 and Move on to 2010" sale in my Etsy store. Handbags are marked at 25% off and home accessories are 10% off. Great stuff, great prices!

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