Wednesday, June 30, 2010

San Francisco Pride Parade

Went to my first Pride Parade here in San Francisco. I've lived in San Francisco a long, long time - okay, almost 30 years - and never attended. Well, I don't like large crowds. That's my big excuse. This year, I wanted to take pics with my little digital Canon. Its not a new camera. Its almost 2 years old. Somehow I am now inclined to record as much as I can of San Francisco living. I want to show friends, family what this beautiful city looks and feels like. Thanks to social networking, I've reconnected to cousins, old friends from UCSB and even my Italian "famiglia" in Torino. So there you have it. My camera stays with me - always. You never know what photo op I might happen upon. So, I'm including a link to my latest pics from the pride parade. It was a visual feast!


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