Monday, October 25, 2010

My Calavera A-Go-Go is the cover artwork for a FAB new book by Eileen Clemens Granfors titled "SOME RIVERS END on the Day of the Dead!"

Here it is. A wonderful first book by Eileen Granfors titled, "Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead. It is available on Amazon for all of you looking for that special Fall going into holiday gift!

I am so enjoying the experience of seeing one of my calavera paintings on the cover of a Dia de los Muertos themed book. As this is the first book by Eileen, this is also my first experience having one of my paintings published as the cover art for a book. I'm thrilled! I feel very fortunate that Eileen and I were able to connect.

I just finished reading Some Rivers End and was completely absorbed in the tale of Marisol's life of transitions and her relationships with new and old friends. Many of us can remember the trials and tribulations of being a teen. To experience those times divided between two countries is even more painful. Some Rivers End was a great read. I highly recommend it!


  1. Wow! that's terrific! Congratulations that is great news. And the art is beautiful!

    Well deserved!

  2. Thanks so much Rebeca. Appreciate those kind words!

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