Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to the hospital.

Saw my doctor and nurse practitioner today for another set of blood tests. My test results have even improved since Friday. Had an adverse reaction to some of the chemo over the past two months and my liver was taxed and overworked. Today my liver function looks great. My nurse practitioner said it was time to return to the hospital for more chemo. I asked if I could have another week off. She brought in the "Big Guns," Dr. Kaplan who is all of about 5'. He got tough with me and said they wanted my Leukemia to remain in remission so it was important to continue the chemo treatment regimen as scheduled. Oh well, it didn't hurt to ask!

Looks like I'll be going back into UCSF on Thursday.

Just when I was so enjoying the Spring / Summer like weather in San Francisco!!



  1. It's best to listen to "Big Guns" because he knows what he is talking about. Lets hope that after your treatment, the after effects won't last long and you will be able to continue to enjoy the Spring/Summer like weather that is beginning to come upon us. Thoughts and prayers with you. Take care.

  2. Sending you many prayers and good vibes.