Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First visit back to 1890 Bryant

Took a "field trip" of sorts last Monday, May 30th to my studio at 1890 Bryant. I hadn't been their since my November diagnosis of Leukemia and my chemo therapy treatment of seven months. It was a grand, grand time. I had to shed a few tears when I saw my studio. A few things had been rearranged by my husband Gary and friend and studio mate Paul to accommodate an artist who participated in Spring Open Studios. They quickly went to work along with my other friend and studio mate Michael, and returned everything to its natural disorder. I wanted to cry even more. My space. This was, is my space to create. Its my space to work at projects I decide are the most important at that time. I have the choice to work in silence when I choose to or take breaks, visit with Paul or take a walk and visit with other artist friends.

I managed to see many fabulous friends: Paul and Michael of course, Terry, Catherine, Eszter, Trish, DK. I had such a good time catching up, laughing and crying too. Had tea with Catherine, Trish, DK and Gary. Talked about "you name it" and it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Missed seeing my beau-tay friend Diane K. - aka the wirest - but we managed to catch up by phone which as usual was totally enjoyable. I also did a quick visit with Rocio in Jasmine's bakery. We talked briefly about life being what it is and how we have to accept what comes our way. Isn't that the truth!

I am one lucky person. I have a great space to work out of. I have fabulous studio mates, Paul and Michael. I am nearing the end of my treatment and I have a place to return to with friends welcoming me back. Life with its success and dramas await.

Life is good, really good.

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