Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red is the color of...

Here's the first Etsy Treasury I created for the Latino/a Creative Community Team. I'm pretty happy with it!


  1. wow! what a FANTASTIC collection you made! so beautiful and vibrant y como me encanta el color rojo!

    Hola! Found you from the Latino/a Etsy team and am your newest follower! Hope you can stop by my blog: www.manoymetal.blogspot.com & follow too as I love networking with fellow artists!
    Des, Mano y Metal.

  2. Thanks for the "join", Mano y Metal. Joined your blog. Read through your last post. Loved the idea of having an inner creative person living in your head. My person's name is Martita. It was the name my Dad and my Aunt's gave me as a child. She has two ponytails, bangs that stick up and she is sticking out her tongue. She is a bit of a brat. She is saying, "I don't care what you think, I'm doing it MY WAY!" Yeah, Martita has a vision and its just hers!