Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oooooooo Weeeeeee!!!!!!

Oooooooo Weeeeeee!!!!!! Painting again!!

That's what you say when you've been on a painting rampage for the past two to three weeks!! In my quest to return to more painting and my desire to improve my skills, I'm on a major roll. Do I like everything I've been working on?? The answer is NO! Am I feeling downtrodden and depressed because of this?? Only slightly. I've have had a major talk with myself.and come to the conclusion that this is the process I have to go through in order to improve my skills. I paint. I paint over. I refine. I keep. I hear you saying you can always take a class to add new skills. The truth is that my gut feeling - and I'm only going with GUT FEELINGS since living as a Leukemia survivor - is I'd rather put brush to canvas and just paint. I am not at a loss for ideas. The ideas are rushing in and I have to throw up my arms and catch one as they fly around my big head. I'm trying to work with these ideas without feeling anxious that I have to put them all on canvas in the next few days.

Yes. The creative juices are flowing! Allowing myself the freedom to paint has been a gift. Putting a brush to canvas has made me very happy!

Here's a few images of what I've been working on.

Calavera del Sol


This is it for now. There will be more coming.  I will post as soon as I feel the work is finished.

Have a great week!


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