Tuesday, April 10, 2012

working, working, working...!!!

tired bunny
Open studios are this weekend! I seem to be back to my pre-Leukemia state where I work until the last minute possible - more paintings, adding some jewelry and fretting about cleaning / arranging my studio on time. I seem to have averaged one day off per week in the last three weeks.Tired, yes! I'm happy with most of my new paintings. The jewelry looks good and will be making earrings today. Am I happy spending so much time in the studio? Yes, most definitely!! It has been completely rewarding.

1890 has finally reached the pre-open studios stage. Lots more artists in the building. You can hear hammering, sawing, voices in the hallways plus trash from cleaned studios ready to be hauled away. I love the building during this time. Its exciting to be surrounded by so much creativity and anticipation. People are at their best: funny and full of angst. There is an amazing sense of camaraderie among the artists. We are all working toward a common goal: OPEN STUDIOS!

Saw my oncologist yesterday, Dr. Kaplan, for my monthly round of blood tests. All blood work is NORMAL (doing a little dance here). For the first time we talked about the future and going off meds. No date given but this is a milestone. I invited Dr. Kaplan to Open Studios. His wife is a photographer so the two share an interest in the arts. He said he couldn't promise but would try to make it. Well...it doesn't hurt asking.

Easter was this weekend. Mom came up from San Jose and sister, brother-in-law from L.A. BIG PLANS. I think my kids and grand kids would have been happy with KFC and an easter egg hunt. Next time!

Have to get ready and get to the studio. Earrings await!!

Hope to see anyone in the area this weekend at Open Studios!



  1. love! Love! LOVE! this post . . .
    wish i could be at your open studios . . . you go girl!

  2. Thanks Rebeca! Hopefully we can get together again sometime soon?