Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday, in my haste to post photos on Facebook, pin on pinterest, followup on emails and post on my blog, I couldn't get my photos to load properly. Instead of deleting the blog post, it was posted with no info. Horrors!!! Zut alors. Que lástima!

Well today, Sunday, I'm back and posting with photos in the right position. Also, not in such a 
rush which is a good thing.

Here's my latest work for June. Sometimes I wish I could work faster and be more prolific but I'm 
only as fast as my mind, fingers and hands will take me.

The first is a painting of Frida among cacti. She is wearing a rebozo of  cactus with thorns signifying 
her life filled with pain.

The second painting is of the view of a woman sitting who has a very voluptuous butt. I love to 
celebrate the various shapes of women - particularly large woman. That there is beauty in every 
shape is the message I'm trying to convey. This painting is part of my Thick Girl series

On other fronts, today is Father's Day. Made breakfast for husband Gary and my son Mario is coming over with his wife Adela and my grand kids Leo and Isabelle. My daughter Gaby is making enchiladas and I'm helping her. Should be fun with lots of noise. Isabelle, at one, loves to scream, in delight, particularly at dog Chip.

Another day...


Frida, Life in Chains 24 X 30, mixed media: gel medium, acrylic on canvas

Frida, Life of Thorns, closeup

Red Dress, 24 X 30, acrylic on canvas

Red Dress, closeup

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