Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New artwork in Bountiful and Frida series

After an almost 8 week series of colds and flu-like symptoms, I'm back in studio and painting again. YAHOO! I decided to work on a new Frida painting for inclusion in Pasion de Frida, all all Frida exhibit happening next month at Puerto Allegre Restaurant here in San Francisco.

I may have not been feeling well but while I was at home, there were lots of ideas running through me. One of them was to create more Bountiful paintings. I so love painting this series. I feel like its a celebration of large women. Big butts, boobs, legs - an in your face, here I am celebration. The women are women of color, active and painted in a kaleidoscope of colors. Beautiful, active, proud women showing their largeness   without shame. Anyway, as you can tell, I've had such a good time creating each woman!

Here's an example of my latest Bountiful series and below that a new Frida painting.
"Enough to Build Shelf On"

Frida and Quetzal

Frida and Quetzal


  1. Awesome work. Love that parrot on Frida's head. I do like your large woman series. This Frida Exhibit happening next month, is it for her birthday in July? It sounds like something I'd like to see and also perhaps join in next year with my Women Of The Eyebrow series. Who or where would I contact to get info? Thanks.

    1. Hi Gloria.
      Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, Pasion de Frida is being held in honor of Frida's birthday. The opening is on July 2nd from 3 to 5pm at Puerto Alegre Restaurant, Puerto Alegre
      546 Valencia St, San Francisco (between 16th St. and 17th St. The restaurant phone number is: (415) 255-8201. Here's my blog link for more info about what will be going on at the opening: http://estudiomartita.blogspot.com/2013/05/pasion-de-frida-july-2013-puerto-alegre.html

      what: Pasion de Frida

      where: Puerto Alegre Restaurant - 546 Valencia St, San Francisco , CA (between 16th St. and 17th St) - (415) 255-8201

      when: opening, Tuesday July 2nd, 3 to 5pm; runs until August 27th

      If you're interested in looking into participating next year, here is the name and email of the wonderful curator: Bird Levy Strain: nanakuligirl@astound.net

      Hope that helps.


  2. marta
    these are terrific! really. love them.
    I will be in sf the week of june 16th - anything going on 'art' wise that I should do while I am there?

    are shows?
    art openings?
    art exhibits?

    I have a whole week of free time. let me know - what you know ... .
    gracias marta

    1. The ethnic dance festival is happening. Its really entertaining.

      Here's a link to ArtPad's events page which is happening all weekend.

      Girl with a Pearl Earring exhibit is at de Young:

      ***! FRIDAY NIGHTS AT THE DE YOUNG - free for event with no host bar - really entertaining - tonight: Curaçao night will give de Young visitors a taste of the vibrant and colorful “Dushi Kòrsou” with music, dance, art, photography, and food from this island in the Dutch Caribbean.


      Have fun!

  3. Wonderful work, Marta...love the owl/Frida painting especially. Had to laugh at your other Frida painting...kind of looks like me from behind!! LOL

    Have a great week and take care.


    1. Hi Georgina.
      Really been enjoying the work I'm doing. Just to let you know, the owl / bird in the painting is called a Quetzal. Its found in tropical climates like in Western Mexico and Guatemala.Quetzals have iridescent green or golden-green wing coverts, back, chest and head, with a red belly. Here's a link to a photo: http://birdingblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Resplendent_Quetzal_Hoyer.jpg
      Anyway, there's a little Ornithology (study of birds...I had to look it up) for you.

      The Frida with a big butt painting is actually from a big girl series I'm calling Bountiful. I'm doing a series of large women being confident, dressed in bright colors and "showing off what they have!" My feeling is that instead of hiding behind clothes or fearing being physically active, these women flaunt who they are and show their soft curves - big butts and all. In some ways I feel like I am doing a big girl IN YOUR FACE series where we (I mean myself) are done feeling unaccepted and over looked. Sorry to go on and on but I'm still trying to put all my thoughts together about this series, Bountiful. These are ample, active, attractive abundant women. The four A's! No Georgina. I'm not going crazy. Just throwing out some thoughts to you so I can better explain it to others also.

      All the best to you!