Saturday, April 9, 2016

Renewed and Ready!

It's been almost a year and half since I last posted in my blog. Life has a way of getting in the way with plans you have no control over. In this case it was a return of my ALL Leukemia. Everything in my life came to a halt. A deja vu like feeling came over me as I was returned to the hospital for tests, procedures and more tests.

My symptoms began in December of 2014. Recognizing the sudden decrease in energy, I chose to ignore the symptoms and instead took a trip to Rhode Island to visit family, attended an art opening in Los Angeles where I had some work on display. Take my advice, don't ignore your symptoms! LISTEN when your body tells you that something is wrong.

I dealt with my Leukemia from March of 2015 to March of 2016. I learned that my desire to survive was very strong. I learned that great health insurance is a necessary luxury, (fortunate for me, a tragedy for those without) when dealing with such an insidious disease. I learned that my love of life, of my family and friends is a powerful motivator to push forward through an assortment of difficult procedures in order to reach remission again.

My husband Gary was an integral part of my treatment  who provided me with the support and love I needed to endure. My familia was so supportive: my children Mario and Gaby, daughter in law Adela, sis Diane and Mom, my Fusco famiglia plus my familia of friends on Facebook and beyond and before!

Well I'm back. Please read below for more info on my past year. I'm also doing open studios to show off some of the paintings I've done during my search for remission. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, stop by and have a look!


A Spring Forward into Open Studios.

For the past year I have been in battle mode fighting the return of my ALL Leukemia.  From March 2015 to January 2016 there seemed to be no remedy that worked in putting me back in remission. These battles included the use of chemo. There was also a new antibody with a two month long infusion time, a stem cell transplant and finally a clinical trial out of Seattle using car t-cells, I’m finally in REMISSION! My BATTLE IN SEATTLE succeeded in returning me to remission. 
What a year. What a journey. What a miracle!
So still here with y’all, my family and family of friends, I’m making my way back to painting and showing again at my studio for Spring Open Studios at 1890 Bryant. Am I slightly off? Well, only a little. I’d like to feel some semblance of my “regular” life and show some of the latest paintings I’ve been working on. My remission in the Mission feels like a very welcome return to what I love.

Based on my work in progress energy level, I decided to work somewhat limited hours.. When you view the hours below, take note that these are my hours and not the hours for the rest of the building.or other artist sites participating in open studios.Regular hours are 12 to 6pm. Here's the details:

WHAT: Spring Open Studios in the Mission - showcasing artists in the Mission District of San Francisco http://www.missionartistsunited.org/...

WHERE: 1890 Bryant St. at Mariposa, Studio #318, 3rd Floor w/ elevators!http://www.1890bryant.com/events

WHEN: Friday April 15th, 2016, a preview reception, 6 to 9pm 
MY HOURS: Saturday, April 16th, 1pm to 5pm, Sunday April 17th 1pm to 5pm 

please note: 1890 studios plus other participating buildings in the Mission will be open 12 to 6pm.

use the Facebook invite to let me know you’re coming -https://www.facebook.com/events/511515489028690/

Come by. Take a look, Ask questions. Have a chat. Life goes on.