Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open Studios October 9th through 11th

Fall Open Studios is coming to the Mission. My building, - 1890 Bryant - is among the many in the area who are preparing for our big retail show of the year. Usually, in the Fall, customers open up their wallets a little wider and do some personal or gift shopping. Myself and my fellow artists at 1890 are nervous but carrying on as we would in a normal pre-recession year. We are busy creating, adding new, revising old. Publicizing on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, e-vite - whatever, wherever we can using the least amount of $$$. We've even put together beautiful postcards with our building logo and our own personal artwork on the front (see above). Very nice!! We've coordinated our efforts, compiling mixed postcard packets and distributed throughout the city. Wow!!

Through all of this, through all of these efforts, I begin to slowly build on the worst case of anxiety and stress imaginable. It reaches a crescendo the night before opening. What to stress over??

1) I don't have enough work to show;

2) the work is not right for the current market whether in look or price;

3) how to hang my work and what is the most fabulous display I can put together at the lowest cost;

4) organizing and reorganizing my studio; cleaning, mopping and where to put all your junk; in the end, the answer is always: UNDER THE TABLES with the rest of the junk;

5) LIGHTS...never enough lighting!!!

6) FANS...need more fans with all the hot lights;

7) serve wine or bottled water; food snacks or just candy?

It goes on and on and on. In the end when it is all over, I feel like overcooked pasta and can only express profound relief that open studios only happens twice a year. Is it worth all the effort??? Of course!!!!


who: Estudio Martita
what: Open Studios
where: 1890 Bryant St. @ Mariposa San Francisco CA
when: Friday October 9th, preview nite 6 to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, October 10-11, 2009 11am-6pm

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