Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Feeling the Heat

Been back from New Orleans for about a week and a half. I can still feel the heat. The humidity hangs on my skin like a thick blanket making it hard to move quickly. NOLA Time. I'm still on NOLA time and energy. I wish it could last.

New Orleans never disappoints me. The overwhelming humidity immediately lets you know who's boss. No rushing in this weather. It feels nearly impossible to move quickly. You know, that is really okay with me. In San Francisco, I hate the heat. In New Orleans I almost welcome it. Yes, I have visited in the summer. The blazing heat and humidity have a life of their own. It is definitely harder to take than in Spring and late summer. The mosquitos are also unforgiving!!

The overall friendliness of the locals are like a welcome breath of fresh air. The question becomes, "Let's see, who do I want to talk to today." I am rarely disappointed because most people easily talk back to me. Everyone has a story to tell. Greg who is divorced but still friends with his ex. Rico who has seen good business from the conventioneers visiting the French Market. Then there's Michael who's had a tougher time at his "junque" store on South Claiborne. Good stories, good people, good times.

As I always say when I return from there, I will oneday have my own place there where I can visit when I want. I can stay for as long as I want. I can return home to San Francisco whenever I want. I've had 20+ years of saying this and one day this will become true.

I have promised myself.

The pictures I chose to upload here are a few of my most favorite. If you want more, please check out my Flickr account:


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