Monday, October 26, 2009

Created Altar @Andale on Google Campus, Mountain View

I'm half asleep while writing this. I'm actually nodding off while typing. Guess I'm tired. Its been a busy time for me.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of creating my second altar for Andale - a Mexican restaurant on the Google Campus in Mountain View. The space I worked in was small but it was so much fun creating and working within a given area.

The basic idea for the altar was a Tree of Life dominating the background of the space. I placed paper marigolds on the tree to appear as if they were growing from the tree. At the base of the tree grew the altar with a plethora of calaveras, diablos, food, marigolds and sunflowers. All in all, the outcome was great and everyone at Andale seemed to enjoy it.

My husband Gary helped me so much putting it together. After all these years of setting up shows, we actually work well together. In the past, we always had separate views on what worked. We were like a dinosaur with two heads - each trying to move in the opposite direction. These days we seem to be more of a team. What a relief!!!

Hope you enjoy the pics! Please click on the title to view the video Gary made.

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