Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roses and Thorns listed on Etsy Voter!!!

Hi All.
I was notified by my friend Marianne Butler of Miss Butler's Style that I had been included in an Etsy Voter titled, "Which Day of the Dead item wakes the Dead." What a surprise!!!

I would so love it if you could lend me your vote!! The winner is featured on Etsy's Blog, The Storque and in the member's choice gift guide. Wow...this is a big deal and absolutely great promotion.

You can vote by clicking the following link:

Thanks so much!!


  1. Love you items. I love voter too. It's a great tool and fun feature!

    Raghouse Intenational

  2. Thanks Renaissance! I agree! Etsy Voter is a great tool and great for bringing some new viewers to our stores!

    I'm going to add your Artful Chatter to my list of blogs I follow. Love it!