Sunday, November 15, 2009

My weekend get-away!

Went up to Sonoma County this weekend, to Sebastopol specifically, to spend time with my friends Danna, Chris and Monica. Danna lives in the hills west of Sebastopol in an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking house at the end of a lane. Her house is at the end of road called Pharoah's Lane. It over looks rolling green hills and lush grape vines. The vines are all various shades of yellow and the contrast in color against the green is amazing. Chris lives in Mill Valley and Monica in Danville. We have known each other for many, many years. We have been through births, deaths, divorces and other life changing experiences. We've worked at keeping our friendships intact and have been on Christmas eve for dinner for at least the past 20 (?) years. In the last 3 years we began to meet in November also for Danna's birthday and so just we women could hang out alone together. Well, our first get together was so fabulous (it was just one night) that we repeated it again the next year for two nights. This year we decided it was an annual event and made it number 3. When four women get together, there is lots to discuss or not to discuss. There were times we were all talking at once and other times where we just sat, listened to music or fell asleep. It was all okay. That is the beauty of old friendships. There are no strict expectations. It was a lovely weekend. We drank wonderful wine, brought by Monica. We shopped at a few antique stores, went out to lunch and soaked in Danna's hot tub. Danna hired a masseuse and we each had an hour massage. It was heavenly!! I don't get out of San Francisco enough. It was very, very special to travel to Sebastopol (even on Friday in heavy commute traffic) to be with friends, reminisce about the past, discuss the present and wonder about the future. Life is really good.

A big thank-you to Danna who offered her house and amazing hospitality.

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