Friday, November 20, 2009

Ofrendas para los Muertos

The opening of Ofrendas para los Muertos opened last night in Oakland and what a great event. Rachel-Anne Palacios curated the show and once again she did a fabulous job. The work of over 30 California artists was on display from a beautifully detailed altar to art installations, paintings, sculptures and photography. Rachel also had the Danza Azteca group In Xochtil In Cuicatl perform (which she is a dancing member of) as a way of initiating the exhibit. There was pan dulce, chocolate and other refreshments brought to you by Tina Tamale of La Borinqueña Mex-icatessen & Specialty Shop. Earlier she had set up a children's craft table where dancing calaveras were being created and displayed. The people attending were so positive and enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to be in attendance at this event. As I mentioned earlier, Rachel had four of my mixed media artwork on display which made me so happy.

The pictures above are from last night's event. That's me, the first pic with some of my work. The picture of the guy alone with the beautiful calavera women paintings in the background is my husband Gary. He didn't paint those paintings. I just asked him to stand there so I could take his picture. He comes to all my shows. He's really supportive. I'm really lucky. The other people in the pics are artist friends who I've met over the past few years. I've met the most wonderful people doing my artwork. I feel fortunate. Times are very hard economically, but I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of artists around me.

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