Thursday, April 7, 2011

By the by....

Haven't posted any new pics of work I've done lately. Since my time is spent mostly at home and in the hospital, I've taken to working on jewelry. Its so much easier to transfer around from one place to the next. Painting, sanding, transferring images just doesn't make for a easy use in a hospital room. Here's a peek at some of my latest jewelry designs.


  1. Your work is amazing! I love it!!! I enjoy folk art as well. I wish I had time to be creative. But all I have time for is scrapbooking. I love Frida, loteria, and anything Mexican folk art. I am just in awe with the jewelry! I just became a follower. Feel free to visit me at www.latinascrapper.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Letty, nice to meet you. I did check out your latinascrapper blog. Amazing site. Beautifully done.