Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicano Pop-Art - A few new non-jewelry items

~picked up a paint brush for the first time in 8 months & it made me so happy~

After spending months in the hospital, I finally found the time in between hospital visits to pick up a brush. What a relief! Finding my hands a bit wobbly, I was still able to put together two gift items that I felt okay about. If I had felt focused enough during my 8 months of hospitalizations and treatments to paint, I would of. Unable of course to paint in my hospital room, I couldn't seem to find the motivation to paint in between my visits. As my treatment and hospital visits come to an end (2 MORE LEFT!!), I see an end in sight and a new beginning. I can see my studio time coming back to me. One thing I'm absolutely sure about is that I am too restricted when I paint at home. I am too worried about staining the sink with my paints, dropping paint on the hardwood floor or getting paint on the cabinets. I paint in the kitchen and hate the thought of mixing paint with our food or utencils. Am I being too anal? Probably. Possibly. I just have an alternaitve space to work out of and it is coming back to me. Two more visits and Studio 318 is mine again!


  1. Wonderful work, Martha and so glad to read your on the mend. God bless.