Friday, May 23, 2014

Painting Without Fear?

"painting, like life is an experiment in how far you can go,

 what you can let go of along the way and how you can

 enjoy the gift..."

--- my take on painting for Friday May 23,2013---

My goal lately has been to work without the fear of making

mistakes! Honestly the fear is difficult to tame but I can now

look at making mistakes as a tool to guide me in whatever 

direction I need to go! That is some sort of progress.

Here's some new work - all work in progress - that I've been painting in my studio this week. I'm either still painting the images (Girl on La Playa or have to do some revisions, Frida: Black, White Silver). Trying to go where my hands and mind take me!

Girl on La Playa

Frida: Black, White, Plata

Happy Friday to all!!

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