Friday, May 2, 2014

La Hermana-hood of the Creadoras / Sisterhood of the Creatives

Perhaps I've been home too long today. I don't know. What I do know is I have an idea. After going to the opening last night of Honoring the Journey of Motherhood, I came away from that experience feeling as if there were a true sisterhood among Latina artists. While we may have lived life experiencing different lifestyles, been born into different generations, have a history steeped in various Latin American countries, we do have one thing in common: creativity. This creativeness bonds us together. It allows us to see colors, shapes, patterns more distinctly. We share our Latinaness and we share our ability to see our world in ways that need expression. This was the joy, security and bond that I felt last night. It was wonderful, a wonderful, wonderful experience.

So, my idea is that I want to create a group called LA HERMANA-hood of the CREADORAS. What will this group do?? I have no idea. What will its purpose be? Who knows? Will this be a real, active group? I don't know. After seeing such a lovely group last night, I just felt like naming us. We were cohesive, bonding, sharing and enjoyng each other. That experience in and of itself was a treasure to remember. For that, I think we deserve a name. If I come up with more ideas about this fictional or non-fictional group, I'll let you know. For now, last night, the night of Honoring the Journey of Motherhood was a fabulous meeting of La Hermana-hood of the Creadoras.
from the painting Gratitude
p.s. click on Honoring the Journey of Motherhood to see photos from event

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