Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bursting with Gratitude

Here's a picture of me, post open studios No face painting. Hair not brushed or teeth for that matter!! In my sweats on a WARM San Francisco day, sweating!! Ayyyy, how attractive!! You know, I don't care because what I am is FULL OF GRATITUDE.
me and la Santa happy with Gratitude!

WOW is my best descriptive word I can come up for all those that came to see me this past weekend. I was so happy to see such a great crowd. My familia, as always, was there to support me: hubby Gary, daughter Gaby, son Maria & familia Adela, daughter in law, granddaughter Isabelle and grandson Leo. I saw long time friends from my high school days in San Jose, (Linda, Marian, Virginia and Dianna), friends from college (Xochitl) and friends with a long past since (Peter and Yolanda, Audrey, Peter and Charles, Kevin, Matt, Emily, Melissa, Paul, Dan,Maria, Sara and Erica. Bird, Michele and I know there's more but the brain is fried. There were regular customers who came in and even Facebook friends who I met for the first time in person - Mayra Padilla! On top of all that I had the pleasure of meeting new people who enjoyed my work and I so enjoyed visiting with. Could a girl as for more??? I DON'T THINK SO. I'M THRILLED.

So this is my thank-you, thank-you, thank-you blog post to all of you. For those that couldn't make it, please don't feel guilty.Thanks to YOU because you always have a special place in my heart and are there for me.

Well, as I sit here in this hotsy totsy San Francisco house which at least has screens on the windows, I am excited about venturing back to the studio. I've got ideas that I want to put on canvas and stuff I want to make with my hands. Chip, my Chipper dog is always excited about returning to the studio. He is my star, studio dog who welcomes all adoring pets from his fan base at 1890 Bryant. He also LOVES his special treats he receives from Terri and rest of the staff across the hall at Women's Audio Mission!

So, thanks for EVERYTHING! As in the title of this blog post, I am BURSTING with gratitude!

~ Martha

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