Friday, April 11, 2014

Madre del Mundo - Mother of the World - new painting

I am on hyper mode for blog posting this past week. Feel like there's been a lot of thoughts and creative energy running through me Putting it down in writing helps gets these thoughts out and make them a reality.

This week, I worked on a smaller painting titled, "Madre del Mundo", Mother of the World. It is for submission to an exhibit in Oakland called Honoring the Journey of Motherhood. In thinking about this theme. I felt that my own style of mothering and motherhood has been of course to nurture and guide my own children and grandchildren.I've found there is also another side of mothering and motherhood. That is with individuals in the world who need the compassion and guidance of a mother For whatever reason, the compassion of mothering is missing from their lives.

The painting, "Madre del Mundo" is meant to indicate that many mothers are here on earth to nurture, offer compassion for those in need - relation or not. For myself, I feel this aspect of motherhood deeply. It guides me through my daily encounters regularly. Therefore, in my eyes, to be a mother means to be a Madre del Mundo, Mother of the World.

Here are some pics of the painting.

p.s. Any inquires about this painting or others http://artspan.org/artist/martharodriguez. don't hesitate to contact me at estudiomartita@gmail.com


  1. Pass some of your energy over here Martita.:) Love your piece.

  2. abrazos with lots of energy back to you, Gloria!