Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leo turns 5!

I have a grandson, Leo. He just turned 5 years old. He is adorable. When I want to be the biggest cynic in the universe, he makes me look at life as something sweet and exciting. He loves to look at a book I have with photos of dogs with their owners from the early 20th centuries. He always says the bulldog is his favorite - just like his Daddy. He loves to go through our I Spy books. These books once belonged to his Daddy, Mario and my daughter Gaby. We go through as many pages as we can get through and he always sees things first. I always tell him, "you're good!" and he always agrees with me. My eyes are usually crossed by the time we finish our searches through I Spy.

So, with Leo's birthday party, he had a bunch of his friends from the complex he lives in attend. So many adorable kids. All running around the courtyard and play structures with complete abandon. No worries other than to run, scream and laugh. Oh there's always tears too when you've had too much fun and are just too tired but that comes later.

There was a Spiderman pinata at the party that my son and daughter provided for the kids. This provided so much excitement. The kids lined up for their turn and were just shaking with excitement. Big smiles and lots of jumping up and down. It gets pretty basic what your needs are when a kid: lots of love, food and a great pinata!

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