Thursday, March 25, 2010

New artwork, home accessories March 2010

I've been so busy in my studio. I have so many ideas that it feels like my hands can't work fast enough. Been enjoying my work on canvas which is always the most challenging for me. Blending colors, applying them to image transfers then canvas drives me crazy but keeps me challenged. I don't seem to tire of this work (is it work?) and I continually strive to learn and improve. Its hard to live up to my standards. Sometimes I have to take a break from the studio and spend some time at home. Today my husband Gary was home sick with a cold so I thought I would stay home too. Feels good to be here. I need a break and so does he.

Hope you enjoy the new work.


  1. i LOVE what you are doing with your beautiful hands, heart and mind.

    thank you....thank you...thank you....!

  2. i have just added you to my "saints and sinners"
    bravo! martita..bravo on stealing my heart!

  3. Thanks for the lovely complement Rebecca!