Saturday, May 8, 2010

A week without deadlines and a Mother's Day to be Happy!

Gaby and Mario...a few years ago...

Had a quiet week in the studio. Its been a long time since I can remember I didn't have to finish work for a upcoming show. I used the time to pick up some new supplies, do some prep work and reconnect with some of the artists in the building.

Love the artists I work with. Everyone has a particular story to tell. All individuals from various walks of life, various parts of the country or beyond. Being housed in a building with artists gives you a perspective on life in general. Similarities yet differences of families, education, personalities, emotions, all combine to come under the title of artist. We are diverse yet similar. Just like life. Just like families.

Speaking of families, Mother's Day is tomorrow. Another holiday. Aren't we always celebrating something? Spending some time with my husband, my daughter and her boyfriend and son, daughter-in-law (hopefully, but she's sick) and grandson Leo. A Mother's Day to be happy. I realize now I am creating my own circle of family around the holidays. Life is changing and without thinking about it, I have become Mom / Grandma.

Families are wonderful and difficult at the same time. Acceptance, change, self awareness is difficult for some to deal with. Accepting ones own weaknesses, owning up to them, identifying them and working through them is impossible for some. I can't do the work for others so life goes on. I can't wait for others to suddenly become enlightened. I've spent a life time of looking within and now I want to enjoy my family and family of friends.

Life is a series of twists and turns and you just hold on tight and ride the wave.

Gaby and Mario...today

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