Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night at Las Expresiones artist reception.

Roxanne Quezada, Alejandra Palos, Martha Rodriguez (that's me!)Add caption
Alejandra Palos - sculptor
Roxanne Quezada Chartouni - photographer

The artist's event at the Marin Community Foundation in Novato on Thursday, September 9th was a wonderful celebration. Great music, wine and treats were in abundance to keep everyone happy. I saw lots of friends who were participating in the event and talked, laughed and networked until the evening's end. So nice to meet with other Latino / Chicano artists from the Bay Area for an event celebrating our work and efforts. Lots of new faces (at least to me) as well as veteran artists from San Francisco like Patricia Rodriguez and Juan Fuentes.

Patricia said she has written a history of the muralistas and Chicano art movement in San Francisco from the early 70's. Don't quote me on this exactly but I believe that was the gist of her writing. She said it has been published and would have more about it on Facebook! Here's her Facebook page:


I was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout and by all the excitement generated. We all received a Certificate of Recognition from Cecilia Zamora, President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin. A sweet. sweet gesture. Ellen Campbell, Director of Exihibits and Opportunities for the Marin Arts Council, took all the participants photos.

Well, it was nice to be treated well and to be recognized by peers and art patrons.

When your days are spent in a hot, windowless studio and your contact with the world is other hard working artists, it becomes a real  pleasure to get out in the world and be recognized.

Many thanks to the Marin Arts Council, Ellen Campbell and Cecilia Zamora of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a fabulous event.

p.s. Expresiones runs until November 18th, 2010. For more information, go to:


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