Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeling Better & Smiling Again

Feeling Better & Smiling Again

After my last post I felt like I should say I am feeling much better. The cold is over and I'm back in my studio. I'm working on a new painting for the National  Latino!Cancer!Summit in July in San Francisco. There will be an art exhibit and auction during the summit. I will be submitting a painting reflecting the theme of educating Latinos to the dangers of too much sun exposure. I like my idea . The painting is coming together and I am so enjoying painting!

p.s.I am still adjusting and making a new way for myself!

By the way, the kitty above belongs to my friend Danna. I took the photo about 3 years ago and managed to catch the kitty right when she(?) was yawning. I loved that the photo looked like a big old cat smile!

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