Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another week gone by...

WOW...its already Saturday and where did the time go? I know, everyone says that but honestly sometimes it feels like you wake up one morning, its Monday and the next morning its Saturday!

My fabulous, photographer friend, Trish Tunney, from 1890 Bryant Studios is having a show at the Tedda Hughes Gallery tonight. She is going to be presenting some limited edition greeting card packs made from her Faux-laroid series. Along with showing some of her framed photos, there will be live performances, drag shows and fire twirling, at the gallery during the opening night reception entitled "Flaming Queens".

Oooooo. this sounds like fun!

Been working on a found, recycled, redwood, window frame. It was given to me by a fellow artist at 1890. She found the frame at a soon to be demolished neighborhood in the Hunter's Point area of San Francisco. The funny thing about this frame is the shape is assymetrical. Don't know why this house need a crooked window frame but there it is. I've been sanding and staining the piece but without loosing its "found" look. I've embellished it with santos / saints that are charms, or from small prayer books or postcards. I decided to name the piece, "Saints need Sinners" which is a quote from British philosopher, writer Alan W. Watts (January 6 1915 - Novemeber 16 1973.) The piece - what should I call it - an updated retablo? - is almost finished. I will be taking pictures shortly. I've never done anything like this before and am secretly (except I'm telling only YOU) an excited about my finished work.

Had an absolutely fabulous afternoon break with fellow artist and incredible wireist, Diane Komater. She made me a fabulous cup of hot chocolate while she drank tea and we talked about her family history, my family history our Dads and on and on. It was such a relaxing time filled with laughs, a little heartache and just good, good times. I loved it. I felt like all the cob webs in my brain had been cleared out! Diane is such a talented artist. Her hands create wonderous images with wire. You must check out her web site. Anyway, after our talk, we both thanked each other for the good, good talk and went back to work. It was a great time.

So, that's my Saturday blog to you all. I have a trip planned to lovely New Orleans in early September. Can't afford it but going anyway with my daughter Gaby. She wants to attend the University of New Orleans in the Spring of 2010. It will be a great excuse to return to my favorite city NOLA.

My husband is calling me. We have to give our very SENIOR dogga (dog in MY Spanglish) a bath. This can be difficult since she has very little control left of her bladder and bowels. That's probably enough details on that. Anyway, Kodi is a wonderful, sweet and tired old thing that continues to hang on even though she slows down every day. She is well loved in this family.

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