Monday, July 20, 2009

SUNDAY STREETS in San Francisco

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in San Francisco. I got a call last week from Miriam at the Galeria de la Raza in the Mission asking if I wanted to participate as a vendor in their Sunday Streets event. It sounded like a great event so there I was along with some of San Francisco's finest. The Mission District, known as a predominantly Latino neighborhood is now also home to a hipster population. The two groups seem to tolerate each other and Sunday was a testimony to that. Diversity ruled for the day and my San Franciscan gente were out in full force: strolling, riding, eating visiting and shopping (thank-you!) too. What a fabulous day. The old, young, geek, hipster, boomers and on and on could be seen strolling or riding down 24th Street. This is why I love living in San Francisco - we are an electic, unique group. I think that's what living life to the fullest should be about - letting go of the fear to be the unique person you are.

I have a few more photos I uploaded into an album called Sunday Streets in San Francisco on Facebook. Here's the link:

Have a do-able Monday!

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