Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Blues.

Its Friday and I should be happy? Unfortunately I haven't been into the studio much this week. Monday afternoon and probably today will be my only days. I find I feel incomplete if I don't spend enough time working in the studio. Creating has become an integral part of who I am and what I do. If I don't put in the time, something is missing.

Delivered paintings and Frida dolls this week to Rachel for the Many Faces of Frida exhibit. Artwork looks great and looking forward to the opening next Thursday. Rachel does a fantastic job of creating luscious environments to showcase artwork. That girl is so talented.

Sales have been non-existent in the past two months. Ooooooo what a challenge it has been to get through these times! Honestly trying not to take it all too personally and do believe that my work is good and sales will return when people can afford to pay for gift and personal items. I know my prices are higher than others but folks, I have overhead to pay. I can't afford to sell my work for prices that don't cover my expenses. What a dilemma.

There was a death in my family and I attended the funeral in San Jose. The funeral was really beautiful with lots of singing and music. Cheo (my "uncle") would have loved the event and I'm sure would have loved to see all the familiar faces. He was always, always so sweet with a quick smile and full of positive energy.

I loved seeing all the familiar faces plus my tias and primos and primas. My family has a wonderful way of facing life's challenges with quick wit and lots of laughter. I love being around my cousins, especially because I feel like my wacky humor runs in the family. We are irreverant, silly, slightly sarcastic and love to throw that Spanglish into the conversation!! Oh my God, it is so fun to be around them. I truly feel at home and one with my primos. It is a wonderful feeling!

Saw the King Tut exhibit this week at the De Young. My daughter Gaby who is working there, had an invitation for family night so she brought me, my husband Gary and my friend Maryellen. It was interesting, amazing, awe inspiring to view the artifacts from such a sophisticated culture living so long ago. I feel like I need to brush up on my history lessons. What I learned from the exhibit was just enough to wet my appetite! Afterwards, there were food and drinks available to employees and their families. What a special event.

Tonight is the opening of the Richard Avedon exhibit. Gaby (she works at MOMA too) has gotten us tickets to the opening. I LOVE Richard Avedon but not so sure I feel like facing the crowds for opening tonight. Am I crazy or what for not being excited about this???? I'l figure it out.

Feel like crawling into bed and not getting out! Will force myself out of this house and to the studio. Always feel better after working.

This weekend is full of activities. Have an offical "girl's day barbeque" tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Lots of talk, lots of laughing. Very therapeutic!! Sunday have obligations which I am not ready for. Too many obligations this year. Managing to keep up with most but SO need to take a trip to New Orleans. Need to regroup, listen to my own voice without someone telling me what is the right thing to do.

Sorry for the tirade. Need to make myself important again.

Looking forward to a new week and starting over again!


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