Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday morning

It's 1:17am and I'm still up. What am I doing? Just wanted to post a quick entry. Saturday with "las girls" was fabulous. Lots of laughter, lots of understanding, not always in agreement but still way okay. It is wonderful to have such long time friends who can still understand, tease and council each other. What a wild group we are.

Couldn't get out of the house today...too much fun on Saturday?? Felt like just relaxing, reading and regrouping. The 3 R's. Husband went out with old friends to see the Richard Avedon exhibit at MOMA and that was just fine. So nice and quiet at home. Gaby (daughter) came home early from work (bad cold) but that was just a good excuse for me to lounge around with her.

I NEEDED this day!

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  1. p.s.I took this picture of a storefront on Church St. in San Francisco in February 09'.