Saturday, August 15, 2009

NEW WORK, just posted on Etsy!!

GOSH sometimes it feels like such a tedious job to post new work on Etsy. Its really not that hard but I swear there are some days I don't have the brain power to come up with some catchy descriptive phrases that make my work sound SO FABULOUS! Of course the actual creating of each piece is the most fun! Starting with a something that is nothing special without a design is the most fabulous thing to face. Thinking through what supplies I have and what imagery I'd like to use feels like drinking a cool glass of water on a hot day. So refreshing! Putting various colors together to highlight imagery is so much fun. I love the whole creating process.

I have to admit though that while I'm working, I'm continually trying to ward off those evil, slivers of doubt. Always trying to enter my brain, they can eventually hold my hands hostage. Those thoughts intermittently rattle my brain, asking me,"IS THIS REALLY GOING TO WORK??" The truth is I can't allow myself to stop and listen. If I do, my work at that point might as well be over. No, I have to keep going, keep painting, keep pasting. I don't have time to address those slivers of doubt. My mind seems to have a natural fly swatter that keeps any negativity at bay. Thank goodness.... so I can work in peace!

So at this point you might be saying,"She's loosing it. She's hearing voices." Well, I feel actually fairly lucid right now considering I am always one to let loose with some emotional outbursts. The outbursts have more to do with seeing issues too clearly (I'm so confident here) and feeling they need to be resolved immediately. Off the point here...sorry. The slivers of doubt are more my process for getting work done and my motivation to keep going. It works for me!

So those are my ramblings for today. My daughter just called from her job at the De Young. She is off work early and in need of a ride. MAMA TO THE RESCUE....at least for now!

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