Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday in the park with Maryellen

-Destination Bakery, our first destination

-where the park becomes more dense and the hiking trail begins

-wild berries, yummmmm......

-more hiking trail

-boulders lining the hills of Glen Canyon Park

Maryellen and nature

-a meeting on the trail

Spent a few hours this afternoon with my friend Maryellen. We hadn't seen each other for awhile and were in dire need of catching up. Both of us love to talk but we somehow always manage to hear each other out. We started out in the neighborhood village, Glen Park. We had a cafe au lait at a little bakery called Destination. Always having a good time together, we laughed a lot and shared stories. Afterwards, we walked from the village to Glen Park Canyon - an easy walk to the end of Chenery Street. The canyon was beautiful with lots of trees, amazing boulders along the sides of the hills, the creek running through and wild berries growing in abundance. People were out hiking, running, walking their dogs and on and on. I love Glen Canyon Park. Its just a 10 minute walk down hill from my house. Once inside the park you feel like you are in the country instead of the middle of San Francisco. Glen Canyon Park is unknown to many people living in San Francisco. I am letting you in on this secret getaway!

I took pictures of our adventure. Hope you enjoy them.

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