Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. Francis, Cesar and Frida

Took myself out to lunch at St. Francis Fountain on 24th Street & York in the Mission. Had a breakfast for lunch, read the paper and enjoyed Las Alternativas... the wait help with their multiple tattoos, multiple runs in tights and of course multiple piercings. Ah San Francisco, the city I love! The food was okay but the people watching entertainment was much better. Afterwards I walked outside and saw the fabulous mural on the side wall of a laundromat with the words: Giant Washers written above. Decided to take a few pictures and share the beautiful artwork with all of you.

After I finished taking pictures of the mural, I walked by Brava for Women in the Arts (which they are renovating) and saw some fun and funky murals painted on the temporary wall surrounding the construction. I included a few of these pics too!

It was a visual goldmine out there on 24th & York. I love my town.


  1. Martha... I love your fieldtrips :) thanks for sharing your beautiful city.

  2. After all these years of living in the city, its so much fun to look at it as if I'm just discovering it again!