Saturday, April 17, 2010

New work for April & preparing for open studios

Dolores del Rio with kitty


Dolores del Rio with flower

I've been very, very busy in my studio. Open studios is in less than a week. My artwork is done but the busy work needs to be done NOW: tagging, pricing and lots and lots of cleaning. I'm a messy artist. I don't always put things away after using them. I have piles of leftover supplies from various projects. Oh boy! There's lots to tackle but fortunately I have time. My daughter Gaby and her boyfriend Donny are going to help me. Donny is great because at 6'2" he can get to things that a person at 5' 4 1/2" can't reach. My husband Gary and grandson Leo will be painting tempera dots outside the building that lead down the street to the front door of our building. Well, I guess you could say its a family affair!!

If you'd like to see more work for April, go to: