Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Open Studios in San Francisco

"Santa Tina" - mixed media work on canvas by Martha Rodriguez

Hi all.
Its April 1st and I thought I would totally ignore this April Fool's Day and instead focus on promoting my Spring Open Studios event. Yes, in a little more than 3 weeks, my studio building at 1890 Bryant St. San Francisco, plus many more artists in the Mission District of San Francisco, open their doors to the public. The public means YOU! Come see the work of painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers and on and on. We are a talented group and welcome all of you to stop by to shop, peruse and mingle. Would love to see you there!

MAU - Mission Artists United - is coordinating this event. Please check out my postcard and the back also to find out just where all the other Mission artists are located. Can't wait to see you there!

Postcard created by Trish Tunney.

Check out the MAU website for more details.

I'm going to have my mixed media artwork plus the Scarlet Collection of home accessories and jewelry available for purchase at Studio 318 at 1890 Bryant!



  1. if only i still lived in my beloved mendocino..i would arrive, glorious friends in tow,
    to have the pleasure of meeting you.

  2. Hola te invito a visitarme :)

    En Germinando, mi blog EcoFeminista y EcoEspiritual:

    Luciana Onofre

  3. Thanks Rebecca. That is so nice of you to say.

    A mi me gusta tu blog. Muy interesante. Deseo que mi español era mejor. Tuve que usar traductor de Google a escribir esto. Mi familia vino de México hace más de cien años. Estoy totalmente de México en mi corazón, pero las palabras en español son difíciles de encontrar. Gracias por la referencia a tu blog!

  4. you sweeten my moment.
    now allow me to brighten yours.
    i invite you to visit me at recuerda mi corazon.
    there are reasons which will speak to your heart!

  5. Thank you Rebecca for the invite. I am already familiar with your blog and absolutely LOVE IT! It speaks to me completely!!!

  6. martha,
    sorry for the confusion!! what i meant to express was not to miss todays post, as i felt christine's auction piece would speak straight to your sensibilities!!

    (thanks for your kind words)